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Optimize your operations so you can do more and make more.

Introducing the all-new productivity software built for the construction industry.

Simplify your backroom

Automate boring tasks. Say goodbye to piles of paperwork. Bring everything together in one place and make your digital transformation easy.

Improve your business' performance

Manage your business better and make fewer mistakes. Keep track of your projects and people. Instantly identify cost overages and the reasons for them.

Free up more of your time

Spend less time on the tasks you dislike. Stop writing the same things over and over. Find more time to grow your business, while still making it home for dinner.

Get everything you need to run your business better.

Quickly create estimates

Respond to more proposals and get insights to improve your win rate.

Order materials in one click

Send and track purchase orders like never before.

Assign tasks to workers

Create tasks and send notifications straight to your workers’ phones.

Manage your projects

Stop shuffling between emails, spreadsheets, and phone calls.

Invoice customers

Make it easy to get paid with invoices that are professional and accurate.

Communicate with partners

Keep your people connected with collaboration and communication tools.

Track workers' safety credentials

Protect your business by ensuring requirements, like WHMIS, are kept current.

Get business insights

Get powerful analytics to discover new ways to optimize your business.

Made for subcontractors, builders, and general contractors.

Stay competitive in today's changing construction industry.

Modernize your business and get a competitive edge to do more in less time.

Get our unique estimating tool with blueprint tracing.

Trace blueprints, add markup and annotations, and create accurate estimates automatically using our smart features.

Enjoy the protection and ease of being cloud-based.

Access most of the features we offer from any device, including your phone, desktop, or tablet.

Get a solution built by people like you.

We understand the construction industry because we’re part of it. In fact, Subtraid’s co-founder was sick of doing drywall installation estimates by hand. The rest is history.

How it works.

1. Create an account
Set up your account and add your business details. Get access to all the tools you need to run your business with ease.
2. Manage your business
Create your first estimate ridiculously easily – even if you dislike using computers. From there, create purchase orders, assign tasks, track projects, invoice customers, save time, and make more money.
3. Optimize your business performance
Get access to powerful business analytics that help you reduce your cost overages, uncover trends, and avoid costly errors.
4. Get helpful support along the way
If you get stuck, we’ve got your back. Reach out for quick support.

Get started today.

(Closed beta version)

Currently testing features with select clients.

(Open beta version)

Open to Subcontractors, builders and general contractors.

Build your business for the future with Subtraid.